Workers’ Control in Tourism

Covid-19 marks the beginning of a new era for Scotland’s tourism industry. Tourism bosses want a precarious and cheap work force at their disposal, to hire and fire at will. This can be avoided by not allowing an erosion of your conditions and health.

Whatever your issue at work, we would always advise that the first step is to get in touch with other workers. This might be through a WhatsApp group, or something similar. The strongest workplaces are those that have a strong bond between workers.

When you’ve got people together, get in touch with us, confidentially, to talk through your situation. We’ll be able to help you work out what to do, refer you to further sources of advice, and give you a sense of the different courses of action you might take.

Our aim is to promote strong, happy workplaces, where workers have control over their work and conditions. We believe this is best for every company, and for the tourism industry as a whole.

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