STRT Report: Our Response

Formed in March this year by the Scottish Government, the Scottish Tourism Recovery Taskforce – comprised of the great and the good of Scotland’s tourism industry – published a long-awaited report this week detailing its recommendations for the future of the industry. This report is full of bad proposals hidden behind nice photos. Unsurprisingly, givenContinue reading “STRT Report: Our Response”

STWL – The first few weeks

Since we came together a few weeks ago, we’ve heard stories from across Scotland of how COVID-19 has impacted those working in tourism, from small inconveniences to lives being turned upside down. We’ve heard from workers in hospitality, retail, heritage, and tour guiding from many different backgrounds. Work has changed for everyone. Some have facedContinue reading “STWL – The first few weeks”

Workers’ Control in Tourism

Covid-19 marks the beginning of a new era for Scotland’s tourism industry. Tourism bosses want a precarious and cheap work force at their disposal, to hire and fire at will. This can be avoided by not allowing an erosion of your conditions and health. Whatever your issue at work, we would always advise that theContinue reading “Workers’ Control in Tourism”

Covid-19 Monitoring

The Scottish Government have set up the Scottich Tourism Recovery Taskforce to support the industry through the crisis. The industry owners also have an independent body, STERG, (the Scottish Tourism Emergency Response Group).  We support schemes for tourism industry support that increase employment and do not support workforce precarity. In particular we are interested inContinue reading “Covid-19 Monitoring”